Sunday, July 5, 2009

WebQuest Now Behind Me What Next?

After looking over classmates WebQuest's I am in awe of their awesome, creative and instructional abilities. I like being able to look over the different templates that they used--I used zunal--easy to use template for a beginner but limited in color and text capabilities. Zunal was easy to navigate which I think students will like. Breaking it down on to different pages made it seem more manageable.

Some of the quizes and videos that my peers choose were very good and age appropritate. Once again I found that to be the most time consuming part--finding the perfect resources!
I did bookmark them all in Delicious--which gave me easy access to them when I was ready to link them.

I learned that when I link I need to have them all open up in a new window so that navigation will be easy for the students. So next time I will do that as I go along! I need to make my title of my links hotlinked rather than listing the title and then the link.

I enjoyed looking at the webquests and now it is time to start focusing on podcasting and website formation! Karen :)

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