Sunday, July 12, 2009


Podcasting has a lot of possibilities! I have used audacity in a couple of other classes for other projects. In Dr. Kovalik class we took PowerPoint and audacity and dropped them both into movie maker for a great looking presentation. In Dr. Harper's class we podcasted a book chat. Dr. Ingram used them in his design for feedback.

It was fun to decide what to podcast and then write a script. I think the key to a good podcast is practice, practice and more practice! I know when I have practiced enough--I don't have a lot of ums in my finished project.
My podcast went out to my summer readers today--I can't wait to hear what they think!

I still struggle with putting music in--not always easy! I am not sure I understand all the different files that music can be import/export. Now I did remember that we do not save this file but we export the file to be used in other software. For audacity to stand alone, this time we needed to export as an MP3. This was a little more challenging as well. I guess I neeeded to get a LAME encoder to export as a MP3 file. So I am off to Webopedia to get some definitions of these WEB terms. BBL Karen :)

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