Saturday, July 25, 2009

Okay Okay So I Had the Skills Within Me!

Alright--so I go to a colleague who has used this before and she says--you're are doing it correctly. A few little property changes and I am on my way. So I think I have linked everything I can think of--except addtional resources--I will do that Sunday and I an going to upload it to Lunar Pages to our server at school. This is a lot of work. My tech person said, asked me why I didn't just use a site that has a template--that's what I would've used. Okay but know I am trying to prove that I can do this and I am sure I will have better problem solving skills because of this!
Now I need to do a little research on what the URL should be. I won't make the same major mistake twice--putting a "dot" in beteen 2 and 0 threw the whole html code into a tizzy! It is starting to come together! Karen :)

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