Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dream On!

Okay so I contacted someone to help me to get started on Dreamweaver last week and now find out that we could use a template site but now that I am started on Dreamweaver--I guess I need to see it through! Perhaps extra credit points! The biggest problem I see right now is that my overall look as a first time web site will not look as good or professional as template would have! Oh well!

Here's what I know so far. In Dreamweaver you work in Tables. Everything is set up in tables. You can even have "nested" tables--tables within tables. Once you set up tables you can merge the cells to make bigger spaces. The text is really weird too! Everything is shifted to the left.
I can not just click my cursor and start typing. The cursor starts in the middle of the table--agh! And where is that really pale blue color that I wanted for a background? Not available I guess.

So dream on if you think this is going to be exactly what I want! :0

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