Friday, July 31, 2009


I worked within the constructs of my school moodle--that way I can use it with Nagel students this year. The Moodle has a nice orderly set up that I think Middle School students could follow. The home page is not cluttered. I have the capability of highlighting the current assignment or class. I found it has lots of possibilities--quizes, surveys etc that can make this an interactive site. I like that you can be linked within the moodle or have outside links. It was relatively intuitive to set up. I had the most difficulty linking a PowerPoint but that was due updating PowerPoint. It is neat that you can have a wiki right within the site. I was wondering if this would be easier for Middle school students to use than a webquest?
I set my moodle up to be a back up to the required classes I teach in the media center to chat about reading and technology. I know that covers a lot but I do a lot and it is nice to have one site that will contain all elements. I have links to my wiki's and blogs--one stop shopping! I have used moodle for our TABLET cadre--it was a great way to have the self-directed learning and discussions.

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